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CSIO-3200 Serial I/O

CSIO-3200 Serial I/O

Serial port relay

1. 32-way switch module

2. RS485/RS232, modbus protocol

3DC12 or 24V without shipping cost


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Serial Relay 32 Channel Serial Port Control Module Industrial Grade Standard Modbus Communication 32 relay control outputs, contact isolation, 10A;Each channel has three terminals, normal open + normal close Support RS232 and isolate RS485 communication interface;Standard Modbus, supporting Modbus RTU. Provide param setting software tool;Support for secondary development. Product Specification Parameters Parameter Contact Capacity Terminal Data Interface Rated Voltage/Current Indication Weight/Size Operation Temperature Default Communication Format Baud Illustrate 10A@30VDC,10A@250VAC/100000 Times @10A durability 3 terminals for each channel solate RS485+RS232 DC12or24V/15WMAX 1 Red LED (Power Supply)/1 Red LED (Working)32Way Red LED(Relay ON/OFF) 0.77KG(net)/310X113X60MM -40°C-85°C 9600/N/8/1Modbus 300-38400bps Why Choose us?Find CSIO For Remote ControlHigh Quality And Reliability At The Same Cost Built In WatchdogFor No Downtime Supports Reverse PowerConnection DC12/24V power supplyBuiltin protection for surge,EFT,ESD The Processor AdoptsA 5V Microcontroller WTY REVERSE CONNECT Fully IsolatedRS485CommunicationStrong anti-interference performance with power supply andsignal isolationpower supply Standard Modbus Protocol Can Set 253 Device Addresses Support hardware address switch(in board)Support seting address via configtool Compatible with almost Industrial Utilities, KingView, PLCs, touch screens. CS-lO Series Selection Table Model CS-I0101 CS-I0204D CS-I0222A CS-I0404D CS-I0404A CS-10606D CS-10808D CS-101600DI CS-IO1600M CS-103200 CS-I01616 Relay Co 0 16 32 Analog Input 0 0 Digital Input Serial Port RS485 RS485 0 4 RS485 Isolate RS485 Isolate RS485 Isolate RS485 8 16 0 solate RS485+RS232 Isolate RS485+RS232 solate RS485+RS232 solate RS485+RS232 16solate RS485+RS232 Notes Addr Switch(Builtln) Addr Switch(Builtln) Addr Switch(Builtln) Addr Switch Addr Switch Addr Switch DIInput Only Addr Switch(Builtln) Addr Switch(Builtin) Addr Switch(BuiltIn) Work Modes Enable You To Navigate Various AutomationScenarios With ease lf you have customized requirements, please feel free to inquire NORMAL MODE The upper computer controls the closure or disconnection, and the relay immediately responds. Output Wiring DiagramBoth Normally Open And Normally Closed SwitchesAre Supported To Meet Various Output ControlRequirements Low Load Wiring Applicable when non resistive load current is less than 3A orresistive load current is less than 5A Equipment size CS-I03200H Size:300*110*60 Unit: mm Standard Din 35MM Card Track Durable all series EMC certified lead-free with 3-3/CE certification Customized development+professional technical support Widely Used In Various Industries Greenhouse farmland Smart Home Livestock and aquaculture Access controland security Intelligent parking Pump valve control Smart building Digital meter Work Modes Enable You To Navigate Various AutomationScenarios With ease In this mode, if the relay is not operated once, it will remain in a state of recovery for acertain period of time after flipping over Jog command Supports multiple simultaneous jogs ControlOutput Upper Computer Flash mode: If the relay is not operated once, it will close for a certain period of time andthen automatically disconnectFlashing mode: lf the relay is not operated once, it will open for a certain period of timeand then close itself Actual time=set number * 0.1, in seconds LOCAL LINKAGE In this mode, the control output makes corresponding actions based on the switchinput (linkage or state flip once) Electric Light Network interface WIFI Solenoid Valve Upper Computer Controller Electrical Machinery Other Equipment Switch input quantity NPN/Dry Contact Self reset/hold switch/sensor DUAL MACHINE LINKAGE MODE in this mode, two devices are paired to achieve interactive linkage control where the triggerand control points of the switch are not together, supporting (hold/self reset) switches andswitch sensors (NPN type) Network intertace/WIFI The distance between A and B is relatively long A-point controloutput Feedback input ofswitch value at point B Smart Home SolutionsThe controlinputis transmitted to
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